It’s a new year!

My poor personal blog- the store is taking up all of my time (and my crazy 11 month old).  But, it’s a new year and I resolve to keep this one updated.

Christmas was wonderful!  Kent was a wonderful age for his first Christmas- but his Grandmas spoiled him rotten!  He is growning so fast and amazes me every day with the new things he learns and does.  It’s amazing how much we love him.

I had sinus surgery a couple of weeks ago- yuck!  I’m waiting for the part where I feel better but I know it won’t be long now.  Adam and I had over two straight weeks together for Christmas and my surgery- it was so hard for him to go back to work!  We miss each other so much during the day.  Why can’t we just win the lottery so we can be together all of the time?


One response to “It’s a new year!

  1. Oh Holly! It is so good to see that you are still here in blog-land. I hope that the store is doing great & that you feel better soon. I still miss you all the time.

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