I’ve been so busy with the store that my poor personal blog has fallen by the wayside. 

Kent’s first Halloween was a great success!  We enjoyed the evening at Grandmommy’s house- he even got his first taste of candy- a sucker!  He was a Pumpkin for the day and Dumbo at night.  He is so stinkin’ cute!  He’s got so much personality and is lightning fast, we can’t keep up with him.


6 responses to “Halloween

  1. He is growing into a little may. Kent is so very cute.

  2. little man NOT may…it’s late

  3. He is a doll! I’ve been keeping an eye on your website – it looks like things are going great! I’m going to make a trip to your store soon. Miss you lots – Jennifer Church

  4. He is so cute and growing so fast!
    connie #2909

  5. O MY gosh he is going to be In Colledge before u know it..

  6. hey you guys! this is jana (adam pilkingtons wife) baby kenneth is so so cute and getting big. its so sad how fast it all goes.
    and did you guys go on a disney cruise? its my dream. so jealous.

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