This weekend…

…We took a little break from working on the store and went to Greenville to visit with my family.  I had a wonderful surprise lunch with Terri and Kim and an overall great time being with my mom and sister.  On Sunday we had all of the grandchildren together and tried to take a picture of them all together- it was like trying to wrangle a litter of energetic puppies…

Ah, today is Monday and my to-do list is full, off to work.


5 responses to “This weekend…

  1. So cute!

  2. Connie Melancon

    how cute! they look close in age.

  3. Michelle 3624

    What a cute group of kids! You shouldn’t worry about the perfect picture just cool that you got them all together.

  4. Oh, how your little Kent has grown. Time goes so fast.

  5. oh how cute, we tried to take a picture of 57 grand children at my MIL funeral.. it only took 15 minutes.. which was surprising.. Mariah #2457

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